Server Configuration: What You Should Have In Mind

Here are what you should bear in mind for server configuration and also managing the server:

Server Hardening

Another aspect that you must keep in mind in the administration of servers is the strengthening of them. It is a very simple process but, at the same time, essential. First of all, you must carry out a detailed analysis of what processes are running on your server and the ports you have open, and if you have a tool capable of dealing with the vast majority of cyberattacks. And, secondly, with all the information in your hand, bet on the best solutions in terms of security.

A tip to remember is that no system can guarantee the security of a server in an integral way, 100%. However, there are very advanced systems both technically, and technically that offer you 99% protection.


If you require a new hosting solution for a web project because you need more performance or scaling with greater flexibility, you must carry out what is known as server migration. One of the main reasons companies choose to transfer data to a new server is that the hardware like Dell EMC PowerVault Me4 can no longer keep up with the demand and an upgrade is not possible. This is a relatively complex task, even more so if the web project is large and the architecture is new.

Of course, the most important thing is to select the correct destination server, which is precisely adapted to the characteristics of the project. For the configuration of the new server, it is essential to clean the old server, eliminating email accounts, pages, and backup copies that have become obsolete.

The simplest solution to easily and conveniently migrate data is to rely on the current state of the information. Thus, this is transferred to the new server’s hardware, and, finally, the IP or DNS is configured.

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