The Profession Of Application Developer

More broadly, developing mobile apps is an activity performed by a programmer. The role of this professional is to use specific programming languages ​​and methods to solve problems or meet a specific demand. In practice, this means designing and designing the software’s architecture, testing it, tweaking it, and continually tweaking it.

In this sense, application creation can be done in a native environment or another language. In short, the difference is that the native app works based on the characteristics of the operating system. An Android app, for example, speaks the same language as the platform — which is open source and, as we mentioned, is based on Linux.

A hybrid app can be created in another language, but it will need adaptations to run on that operating system. That’s why some companies choose to develop their apps for an OS only — it doesn’t always make sense for Apple, for example, to offer its app to those who use Android phones.

This kind of knowledge is also part of the developer’s job. However, its elemental attributions include issues more focused on the creation of the software itself. The essential activities are as follows:

  • analyze customer or end-user demand;
  • create a project that meets these needs;
  • establish a plan and schedule for development;
  • create the app;
  • deploy tools and resources;
  • configure and test routines;
  • present the product to the customer (prototype and final version);
  • improve the software;
  • identify and solve problems.

It is worth noting that this routine varies a lot according to the methodology used by the developer, the team, or the company as a whole. To get an idea, agile methods, which are prevalent in this market, assume fast delivery and customer participation as central development points.

Therefore, the developer should create a very simplified prototype and deliver it in a few days. In partnership with the customer, the product evolves — features are gradually added, and tests with real users help guide the strategy.

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